There’s nothing quite like the first time taking the wheel of your Toyota. However, to be able to continuously enjoy your Toyota experience in tip-top condition and taking advantage of the warrant benefits, we recommend punctual maintenance every 5,000km or every 3 months of driving, whichever comes first. We have designed a range of after-sales service packages specifically tailored to suit your needs, while offering you exclusive privileges and benefits. With NBT, you can be rest-assured that your driving pleasure with your Toyota will remain: ‘Always Better’.


Preventative Car Maintenance

General Automotive Repair

Body Repair & Painting

Conditioning & Cooling System Servicing & Repair

Radiator Repair

Brake & Clutch Repair

Steering System & Repair

Engine Tune Up, Diagnostic, Overhaul & Repair

Transmission Services

Replacement of Belts, Hoses, Filters, Fluids

Oil Change Service

Fuel System Service & Maintenance

Under-Chassis Maintenance

Electrical & Mechanical Service

Tyre & Battery Services

Exterior & Interior Grooming

Wheel Alignment


Just as a doctor is qualified to diagnose medical conditions, our skilful, globally trained and certified Toyota technicians are fully qualified to properly service, diagnose and maintaining your vehicle, keeping it in tip-top condition.

Strategically located at Gadong and Kuala Belait, our service-centres offer a wide range of after-sales services – hassle-free periodic maintenance, general repair services, and Toyota’s popular quick-and-convenient Express Maintenance Service. While waiting for your vehicle to be serviced, sit back and enjoy our complimentary refreshments and WiFi access at our comfortable customers’ lounge. Once the service or maintenance is completed, our friendly service advisor will hand you the key to your vehicle.


We offer a complete line of mechanical and electrical services using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as Toyota Global Tech Stream (GST) to check and look into the very heart of your vehicle. Our advanced computer-system can pick up even the smallest fault – often long before it causes you problems. Our specialists will efficiently fix any problem before it gets worse and eventually cost you more to repair later.


We understand that every minute is important to our customers. From the time you book a service appointment to the time your Toyota vehicle is delivered, we comply to the standards of the ‘Job Progress Control Board’ where you can actually track the exact service-status of your vehicle at any given time.

Appointment Hotline:

243 3777 (ext 3)


Please enjoy our complimentary amenities while waiting.

Refreshments (coffee or tea)

Surf and stream with our free WIFI access


During the warranty period, your vehicle must be serviced by NBT in order for the warranty to remain valid. Similarly, repair and rectification of damage resulting from accidents must all be performed by NBT.

If your vehicle has not been serviced or maintained periodically at NBT, this may also void or jeopardise the validity of your Toyota’s warranty.

Please refer to your Toyota Warranty policy booklet for more details.